Who We Are

CBK Media Management is a talent agency that represents and places broadcast television news anchors, reporters, meteorologists, sports anchors, traffic anchors, hosts and political reporters. With more than twenty years of experience in broadcast news, CBK Media Management knows how to market its clients and get them seen by station managers and network executives across the country.

What We Do

CBK Media Management has successfully placed clients in markets of all sizes and at the network level. We take great pride in providing one-on-one attention with each client. CBK Media Management knows how to maximize your potential in the competitive television news industry.

What We Plan To Do

CBK Media Management is dedicated to advancing your career, but most importantly, making sure clients are put in the right situation. CBK Media Management always has an eye on the future and maps out a plan for each client to sustain a successful career in the industry. Our favorite phrase is “trust the process” and CBK Media Management clients have come to expect nothing less.