CBK Media Management thrives on giving its clients the 1-on-1 attention they deserve. During the job search process, we are in constant contact with clients through phone calls, emails and text messages. You will be speaking directly with CBK Media Management CEO CJ Kane. You won’t be getting passed onto another agent or administrative assistant. At the end of each week, clients are provided with an in-depth report on where their resume reel links are sent. You will always know which stations are looking at your reel and the interest its generating from station managers. The client is never guessing if its reel is being sent for jobs. You will never send out a tape, resume or cover letter. We do it all for you and make the job search process stress free. A strong negotiator, CJ understands market sizes and how to position each client for the best financial deal.

Yes! We put your reel together at no cost. With more than 20 years experience as a news and sports anchor, CJ knows how to produce a reel that will make you more marketable in the industry. We personally work with each client and discuss which clips work best. You send us links of your best work and we’ll edit a reel that will help you land your next big job.

While other agencies send one composite reel featuring multiple clients, CBK Media Management focuses on sending out client reels individually. We are marketing YOU specifically for a job and not lumping your reel in with multiple CBK Media Management clients. Sometimes a station will ask us if we have another client that fits their needs for a certain position and we’ll forward that information to them.

You pay ZERO upfront fees. While some agencies charge you fees to get started, CBK Media Management doesn’t get paid until we negotiate a contract for a new job or renegotiate an existing contract. It’s that simple.

CBK Media Management understands that each client’s position in the industry is different. We’ve come up with a commission structure scale that reflects this.

We do more than just search websites for open positions. In many cases, CBK Media Management knows about a job opening before it even gets posted. CJ is constantly in touch with news directors across the country and it’s enabled him to position CBK Media Management clients for jobs quicker. CBK Media Management also gets contacted on a regular basis from station talent recruiters and search firms asking us if we have any clients that fit their needs.

We don’t just sign anyone. Our goal is to find talented clients that want to enjoy a long, successful and rewarding career in broadcasting.

Yes. CBK Media Management has an attorney on staff to review contracts and provide legal advice at no extra charge. You are not required to use CBK Media Management legal counsel, but it’s an extra service that we do provide to our clients.

With more than 20 years of on air broadcast news experience, CJ reviews and critiques his clients work carefully. It’s something many other agents simply can’t provide because they don’t have CJ’s newsroom experience. Even after he places a client in a new job, CJ continues to critique work and provide career guidance. He understands the working dynamics of a newsroom and knows how difficult it can be sometimes. CJ offers invaluable advice that will keep you on the right path in reaching your goals. CBK Media Management clients “trust the process” and he is available to his clients 24/7.

Please send us a copy of your electronic paper resume, head shot and digital links (no DVDs) of your work to info@cbkmedia.net. We look at every reel submitted to CBK Media Management. We’ll contact you immediately if we feel like we can help further your career.