“You know you’re in good hands when a news director goes out of their way to compliment the professionalism of CJ Kane and CBK Media Management. From day one, CJ took his time with my job search to make sure I was going to a station where I would genuinely be happy. He was also very dedicated… which at times meant messaging news directors late into his Saturday nights. I’ve asked around, and that’s unheard of. Throughout my job search, CBK was my biggest supporter. It didn’t feel like I was working with an agency, it felt more like I was working with a trusted friend.I never once felt obligated or rushed to take a job that wasn’t a good fit for me. In fact, CJ would be the first to say when he felt we should walk away. Once you do sign that contract, it’s not over. CBK is still right by your side offering up support, critique and and advice every step of the way.”


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