CJ is more than an agent.

Over the last year he has become my mentor and a great friend.

I reached out to CBK Media Management in July of 2020 and from that moment on–CJ has been there for me almost every single day discussing what my future in the business will look like with his guidance. He has gone above and beyond for me to land my second job.

The quality of work CJ produces is unmatched. Whether it’s your reel–or your cover letter–he will showcase you in a way that highlights your strengths and abilities unlike anyone else.

CJ is a trusted agent in this industry and others know that. With his clients performing above and beyond–I believe as a CBK client on the job hunt–I landed interviews that wouldn’t be possible for others at this stage of my career. CJ truly listens to what you have to say and values the importance of getting you to a market where you will only succeed in the job, but in your personal life as well. Getting back on the East Coast to be closer to my family was so important to me–and with his ability, knowledge of the industry, and confidence in me–it has happened.

I couldn’t ask for a better agent and friend to be on my side. Signing with CBK Media Management was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and career.

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