“Four years ago I made the best decision of my television career. I hired CJ Kane as my agent. From the moment CJ and I started working together, he took the time to get to know me and make me feel like his number one priority. Whether I need feedback on a recent story or resume reel update, CJ is always a phone or text away. CJ offers peace of mind when it comes to creating a standout resume reel and negotiating and excellent contract. He is connected in major markets and without hm, I would not have had the amount of interviews and offers during my two job searches working with him.”

“CJ knows me and my goals. With him, I have achieved my goal of being a main anchor in a top 50 market, and much faster than I thought. CJ has helped me grow and always encouraged me to keep going and chase down the dream. I know with him as my advocate and my friend, the sky’s the limit!”

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