“CJ is an incredible agent and person. He has tremendous faith in each of his clients and genuinely wants us to be successful. CJ molded me into a sports anchor who developed and expressed my personality on air. CJ was a huge part in me establishing the confidence to get out of my comfort zone as a journalist in my style and delivery on air. He used that same mentoring to transform me into a news reporter and anchor.”

“In all my pursuits for new jobs and opportunities, CJ never once pressured me to take a job. The choice was always mine and he supported each of my decisions. CJ is never too busy to speak to his clients and truly makes me feel like I am the only one he represents. He always makes himself available. CJ is fair, understanding, passionate about his work and advancement of his clients. He is honest in every discussion, no matter the topic and presents what he believes will be the best pathway to our desires.”

“CJ never hesitates to listen to our goals and aspirations, and does everything in his power to make those come to fruition. It is an honor to be represented by CJ. Other agents in this industry can learn from his professionalism, class and service to journalists.”

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